Love Matters Homebase

Love Matters Homebase

Love Matters Homebase is a collective content bank and collaborative space to facilitate digital sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) content creation and enable content exchange between members of the RNW Media Network that run digital communities focused on SRHR and other organisations working in digital sexuality education.

Within the RNW Media Network, 7 organisations run Love Matters branded digital communities that provide pleasure-positive, evidence-based information on sex, love and relationship to young people around the world. The Love Matters members have all contributed their expertise to the design and development of the Love Matters Homebase and shared many examples of their pleasure-positive digital SRHR content.

RNW Media is the facilitator of the RNW Media partner network and ensures all members adhere to the brand and quality assurance guidelines and convenes members to interchange expertise and learnings through regular network meetings, trainings and learning sessions. 
Love Matters Homebase is a content bank for digital sexuality education: 
  • that facilitates content creation for its members. Evidence-based SRHR information (source text and examples of localized content) are easily located in one online space and ready to be translated and localised;
  • that enables content exchange among and between members of the RNW Media partner network that work on SRHR and other organisations working in digital sexuality education;
  • that ensures content is held to the highest quality standards, both in terms of SRHR information & engaging digital learning formats.

Love Matters Homebase is also a collaborative space: 
  • that allows its members to contribute, share knowledge, co-create online SRHR content;
  • that fosters collaboration between its members, based on criteria (location, common interests around specific SRHR themes).

How can I access the Love Matters Homebase?

  • Are you a founding member of the RNW Media Network? Congratulations: you have full access to the Love Matters Homebase! Welcome home <3

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  • Are you currently following a training trajectory with the RNW Media Training Centre (RNTC)? Then keep learning about digital SRHR content creation on the Love Matters Homebase! Sign up below!

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